The Modernization in Construction Industry

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     In today's evolution of construction industry, the latest; the high-tech the better. Most of the construction's contractor here and abroad introduces and applied High Density Insulation. They all believe that applying insulation is the best way to save energy.

     Applying the latest method and procedures to the need of every construction is a rule of the thumb. They always make sure that every material's used is in the top in terms of quality. Considerations may include: Light Weight, Long Lasting, Energy Saving, Sound Insulation, Heat and Cold Insulation, and Waterproofing.

     With the above-mentioned demands, construction industries introduced the widely used of the following:
- Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation
- Polyurea Coating

Why API Chooses International Paint?

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      One of the best reasons is that International Paint is the market leader of anti-corrosion, fire protection solutions and specialists in temperature resistance coatings.

      Here are the common facts about International Paints:
1) Leading brand of AkzoNobel's Marine & Protective Coatings business unit.
2) One of the top companies is coating industry.
3) The leading global paints and coatings company and a major producer of specialty chemicals.

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