AJAT PHILIPPINES, INC. (API) envisions to achieve consistent growth of its products and services and as a result, be the top marketing company in the industry. API seeks maximum and long-term profit growth as the primary means to ensure the prosperity of its employees, and the wellbeing of its customers. API believes that the fundamental strength of its organization lies in its committed people a part of a group of companies providing some of the best brands and customers services.


AJAT PHILIPPINES, INC. (API) aims for excellence driven by the quality of its people, products, services and relationship with customers and suppliers.


Business Driven: We constantly endeavor to be profitable through our innovation, commitment and ambition. In free market economies, profitability is a measure of our success.

Dedicated to People: We are a people business and we believe that differences between people are stimulating factor factor in our professional attitude. We respect and treat different ideas with empathy, and strive for successful enduring relationship with our customers, employees, and suppliers-built on REALIBILITY, HONESTY and TRUST.


AJAT PHILIPPINES, INC. (API) is committed to give quality service to our customers. We shall continually improve our processes and systems and act as one to ensure that we provide quality services that satisfies.


To successfully mange health and safety, AJAT PHILIPPINES, INC. must make policies which are considered in all business practices and decision making.

To make the health and safety policy effective, everybody should be involved from senior management to the most junior employee. Dedication to health and safety by all staff will ensure a good safety culture, and hazards which previously, may have gone unnoticed, will be eliminated or reduced to minimal risk.

The policy is designed to do the following:

  1. Ensure that managers lead by example
  2. Encourage the cooperation of employees, safety officers and supervisors.
  3. To achieve coordination of activities in all areas, which ultimately means to have good communications both external and internal.
  4. Ensure competence by assessing all the skills required to carry out work safety.
  5. To safeguard the health, safety and welfare of all employees while in the workplace.
  6. To ensure that people not in the employ of the company are not exposed to anything which might affect their health and safety.
  7. To make every effort to meet health and safety legislation.
  8. To make provision for a health and safety training program which ensures that all employees are competent to carry out their duties.
  9. To actively support risk management and to encourage all employees to follow suit.
  10. To only carry out operations after a safe and suitable risk assessment has been carried out, ensuring that all relevant preventative and protective measures have been implemented.
  11. To review the health and safety policy at regular intervals in order to keep up to date with new legislation and business developments.
  12. To introduced new risk assessments and training when deemed necessary whenever there is a change in work methods, or when new plant, machinery, equipment and/or substances are introduced to the workplace.
  13. To give full inductions to all customers who are working for the company so that they are aware of all procedures pertaining to health and safety.
  14. To be proactive with preventive measures against occupational diseases.
  15. To regularly undertake safety audits to ensure that the company health and safety objectives are being met.