H2O Coating Cleaner

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Product Description

H2O Cleaner is a water-based solvent cleaner. It is a proprietary surfactant blend especially formulated to replaced hazardous solvents in cleaning and removing uncured resins (e.g. Polyester Resin), paints, putty and inks on all types of materials and surfaces. The product effectively works by emulsification and precipitation process.

Features and Benefits:

- Water-based cleaner, 100% free from hazardous solvents. Totally non-flammable
- Emulsify and precipitate the washed resin into the washed water
- Easy handling of washed water due to precipitation of resins and giving neutral pH and clear wastewater.
- A precipitated washed resin is recovered and can be treated just like an ordinary solid waste.


H2O Coating Cleaner - The State of Art Cleaning Agent

Typical Properties: