Oil Bio Dispersant

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Product Description

An organic (non-aromatic), biodegradable type 3/2  oil dispersant and washing agent. It is formulated to effectively disperse all types of oil or hydrocarbon spills in both offshore and onshore with utmost concern for safety of the environment and the responding team.  It works by micro-emulsion and reducing hydro carbon compounds into extremely small particles by breaking up surface oil slicks and disperses the oil as fine droplets into water column for fast bacterial breakdown.

Features and Benefits:

- Organic, zero fossil-based solvent in the formulation. 
- No glycols and nonyl phenols (APE free).
- Low aquatic toxicity.
- Plant-based elements promote efficacy of oil-eating aerobic bacteria in accelerating biodegradation of spilled oil.
- Exhibits high solvency and detergency 
- For wide range of application.
- Versatile efficacy in both warm and cold waters with Flash Point of 104oC and Cloud Point of – 5oC.


Can be used as washing agent to clean up soil spills on:
- Bodies of water, shorelines, breakwaters, bulkheads,  and piers.
- Sandy beaches where spilled oil has sunk in sub-surface.
- Mangroves , wetlands, and marshlands.
- Gravel and rocky shorelines.
- Marine decks, oil depot yards, and most  surfaces.