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The Philippine Clean Water Act

        The Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004 (Republic Act No. 9275) aims to protect the country‚Äôs water bodies from pollution from land-based sources (industries and commercial establishments, agriculture and community/household activities). It provides for a comprehensive and integrated strategy to prevent and minimize pollution through a multi-sectoral and participatory approach involving all the stakeholders.

What are the prohibited acts under R.A. 9275?

- Discharging or depositing any water pollutant to the water body, or such which will impede natural flow in the water body.
- Discharging, injecting or allowing to enter into the soil, anything that would pollute groundwater.
- Operating facilities that discharge regulated water pollutants without the valid required permits.
- Disposal of potentially infectious medical waste into sea by vessels. Read more ...

Penalties / Civil Liability