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        AJAT PHILIPPINES, INC. (API), uses state of the art facility. With the help of this machines and equipments Ajat Philippines will guarantee satisfaction to its clients/customers. The API's machines and equipments is best for the following application(s):

         - Vapor Blasting
         - Airless Painting
         - Water Proofing
         - Floor Coating
         - Reactor for Polyurethane (Eurofoam) Application
         - Reactor for Polyurea Application
         - Fiberseal Application
         - Fire Protection Coating

Machine Name: API Blasting 1

• Generates less dust – 92 percent less airborne dust than dry blasting
• Uses less water than traditional water-based wet blasting
• Optimizes air, water and media ratio – resulting in a fine mist with a blast that is powerful, but with less dust
• Uses less media than wet blasting, so clean up is minimal* and you save on media costs

• Industrial surface preparation
• Restoration
• Marine maintenance
• Graffiti removal
• Blast cleaning