It is a set of tool or equipment used to check/inspect a particular object. Our equipment can measure the thickness of materials such as steel, plastic and many more. It can measure peak valley or heights. It can measure climatic conditions. It can measure a critical parameter for protective coatings.

With the use of highly advanced inspection kits, projects and / or applications of a certain project can be achieved professionally.


Ajat Philippines, Inc., offers various types of equipments that will suit to the need of the project, it may include the following:

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge - UTG

Measures the wall thickness of materials such as steel, plastic and more using Ultrasonic Technology. (ideal for measuring the effects of corrosion or erosion on tanks, pipes or any structure where access is limited to one side. Multiple echo (UTG M) Thru-Paint models measure the metal thickness of a painted structure without having to remove coating.)

Surface Profile Gauge - SPG

Measure and record peak to valley surface profile heights. Conforms to ASTM D4417-B, SSPC-PA17, AS 3894.5-C (with optional 300 tip angle), US Navy NSI 009-32, SANS 5772 and others.

Dew Point Meter - DPM

Measures and Records climatic conditions including: Relative Humidity, air temperature, surface temperature, dew point temperature(dpt), and difference between surface and dew point temperature. Ideal for surface preparation as required by ISO 8502-4, BS 7079-B4, ASTM D3276, IMO PSPC, SSPC-PA7 and US Navy.

Dry Film Thickness - DFT

A critical parameter for protective coatings.

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