API defines BLASTING as the process of clearing away the broken material like dust and/or rust. It is also known as SURFACE PREPARATION, the process of treating the surface of a material prior to the application of paints or any kind of coating.

AJAT Philippines, is one of the leading service provider in the Philippines. Our Surface Preparation offers various types: Dry SandBlasting, Hydro Blasting and Vapor Blasting.

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The Difference | Painting and Coating?

PAINTING, it is an application technique that will make the surface looks nicer, more vibrant, looks clean, or will look newer than before.

COATING, is painting with purpose. It is usually tagged as the "PERFORMANCE OF THE PAINT". Usually, it will perform: color retention, waterproofing, rust and corrosion prevention, self-cleaning, anti-microbial, water-shedding, flexibility and elasticity.

API Offers Conventional and High Performance Paints


Our coating are best for ballast tanks, cargo holds, cargo tanks, decks, underwater hull, keel to rail, potable water tank, topsides and superstructures. We recommend the following coatings:

API 6200

TBT free, controlled depletion polymer (CDP) self polishing antifouling system.

API 6600

Patented, TBT free, self polishing antifouling system incorporating unique Copper Acrylate SPC (Self Polishing Copolymer) technology.

API 990

A two pack, acrylic polyurethane finish giving excellent durability and long term recoatability.


A low VOC, two component high build, high solids surface tolerant epoxy maintenance coating.

API 262

A surface tolerant, two pack epoxy primer.

API 263

A two pack, tar free, epoxy tie coat.

Projects Made with Excellence and Quality

API_Painting Basketball Court 1
API_Painting Basketball Court 2
API_Painting Basketball Court 3
API_Painting Basketball Court 4
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API_Painting Basketball Court 6
API_Painting Marine 1
API_Painting Marine 2
API_Painting Marine 3
API_Painting Marine 4
API_Painting Marine 5
API_Painting Marine 6
API_Painting Marine 7
API_Painting Industrial 1
API_Painting Industrial 2
API_Painting Industrial 3
API_Painting Industrial 4
API_Painting Industrial 5

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