Why Choose API Wastewater Treatment?
  • Guaranteed return of investment (water recycling)
  • Can be a business model for the society
  • Addresses foul odor
  • Self-sustaining
  • Easy to operate
  • Requires small space
  • Materials are locally available
  • World's first non-biological STP
  • No bacteria needed in the process

Our wastewater treatment is compliant with DENR
Converts any source of water into potable water!
The Non-Biological Waste Water Treatment Technology with Reverse Osmosis, features:
  • Automatic clog-sensing and de-clogging or raw water pumping system
  • Clog-septic water pulverizing of suspended solids
  • Chlorine removal filtration system
  • Chusf filtration for oil and grease control
  • Chemically engineered membrane array design to prevent fouling for the permeators to last for years
  • Equipped with reactor system that hastens the chemical reactions, due to copper and chromium treated catalytic and adsorptive fibers
  • Professionally designed booster and high pressure pumps to deal with the limitation called "recovery" set by membrane manufacturers
  • Unique chemical blends of liquid oxygen, hydroxides, bicarbonates, sulfates, hypochlorite's that deals with biological oxygen demand, chemical oxygen demand, alkalinity, coliform, and etc.

Projects Made with Excellence and Quality

Waste Water Treatment Plant 1
Waste Water Treatment Plant 2
Waste Water Treatment Plant 3
Waste Water Treatment Plant 4
Waste Water Treatment Plant 5

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